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The Vitalité Health Network has its headquarters in Bathurst, New Brunswick and operates with an annual budget of nearly $660 million. We provide health care and services to nearly 250,000 people. Our team is made up of over 7,600 employees and nearly 470 physicians, 227 of whom are specialists, and 1,200 volunteers.

Vitalité Health Network has eleven hospitals (including four delivering primary, secondary or tertiary care), a psychiatric hospital centre, and six community facilities. We have four addiction treatment centres, seven health centres, two community health centres, and one health clinic. We also have ten mental health centres, twelve offices for public health, eight sexual health centres, and eleven units for the Extra-Mural Program, which specializes in home care. We also receive financial support from nine foundations.

Here are other statistics* giving an overview of the services we provide our clientele:

Number of beds1,197
Number of patient days399,322
Number of surgeries21,232
Number of visits—emergency room245,180
Number of births2,029
Number of visits—Extra-Mural Program186,561

* 2009-2010 data
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